Partner Program


The Trident Partner Program offers various options that address and maximise each partner’s unique capability.

We work with:

Solution Providers that help leverage their area of expertise to integrate Trident Connect within their proposals. Solution providers include Consultancies, System Integrators and Software Resellers.

Strategic Alliances that help us develop joint go to market strategies with companies that already develop leading software in the field. Trident Connect offers white labelling and through its unique features can help to make a richer solution to offer to end clients.

Banking Partners are currently working with us to expand their portfolio and provide the best service to their customers. Trident Connect can be embedded in the bank’s payment solution as a standard or banks can choose to refer specific client to Trident to provide them with the service.

As our partner on the ground you will benefit from:

  1. Winning new customers and retaining an annual revenue stream.
  2. Extending your services to existing clients and solidifying profitable long-term relationships
  3. Partnering with a dynamic organisation that routinely brings new products to the market.
  4. Expanding your client base by approaching different industries.

We will support business growth through a range of tools and resources tailored for each unique partner, but mainly include:

  1. Introductory Training: Held either on site or off site, we will kick off our relationship with product and sales training covering our product set.
  2. Marketing Resources: Setting up a joint marketing approach that involves marketing activities, campaigns, events and involving 3rd parties where needed. We work through cooperative market funding subject to the type of partner and needs.
  3. Website Listing: You will be listed as a Licensed or Premium partner accordingly.
  4. Community and Social Media: We can supply material for webinars, case studies, newsletters and relevant information that can be published in the community.

To find out more about becoming a partner, kindly fill in the Contact Us page or email us on