Trident Connect™

Trident Connect is an award winning Straight Through Processing software engine which delivers significant value to organizations which carry out numerous payments on a daily basis.

Automating the pre-payment and post-payment processes

For many companies, the payment process can be very laborious and prone to errors. Add to this the involvement of different signatories, possible compliance checklists and the need to manually hook up with multiple banks. Then there is bookkeeping and reconciliation for each payment.
Surprisingly many organizations operating in this space still perform most of the pre-payment and post-payment processes manually.

Without the right software tools, the process is costly, frustratingly inefficient and prone to errors. It also lacks the ability of an audit trail, as well as compliance visibility where this is required.


Trident Connect™

Trident Connect is an award-winning Straight Through Processing software engine which delivers significant value to organizations which carry out numerous payments on a daily basis.

It is designed to electronically automate the manual process of preparing, validating and approving local and international payments.

It eliminates operational risk by routing payments through the organization’s signatory workflow and if required, compliance.

It also integrates with multiple banks directly or via Swift to execute payment instructions and download transactional data.

It then performs a three-way reconciliation between the banks, itself and the accounting system.

Trident Connect also increases the visibility of the organizational payments position and provides significant audit and reporting capabilities.
All this leads to a quantifiable return on investment through the reduction in non-chargeable costs for payment preparation.

Trident Connect sits in between the organization’s banking gateway/s and the accounting solution.



Learn how JTC Group, the award-winning provider of fund, corporate and fiduciary services to institutional and private clients has used Trident Connect to automate their pre-payment processes.

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  • Create and effect third party payments
  • Create and manage a centralised beneficiary database
  • Approve workflows, leading to sign offs
  • Create batch exports of payments to the bank
  • Reconcile processed payments with the bank transactions
  • Access to a full library of Sort and BIC codes for bank validation
  • Attach documentation to payments
  • Synchronizes with your Accountancy Package or ERP.
  • Automates most of your bookkeeping double entry postings through a rule engine.
  • Handles split transactions to affect more than two nominal ledgers.


  • Full control and traceability of payments
  • Improved security and privacy when effecting payment tasks
  • Improved Control through payment threshold management
  • Inclusion of compliance and anti-money laundering controls in the payments process
  • Reduces time taken to reconcile bank and ERP transactions.
  • Reduces risk of error when posting transactions from bank statements.
  • Ability to focus on transactions that are exceptions, rather than repetitive.